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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 9, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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cardiovascular associates to refer patients. the government says they paid money to mid-atlantic for lucrative referrals. the hospital also agrees to repay money it got from federal programs for patients like mark meday. a standard small mesh tube inserted in the body. in his first public comments on this last month, meday denied doing anything wrong. and announced he was suing st. joseph's medical center. >> and i can promise every one of my patients that what i did was what i would want for myself, for anybody in my family. my mother, fay -- my father. they were treated appropriately, and with the highest regard for their well being. >> reporter: several patients believe their stents were unnecessary. after st. joseph's sent hundreds of letters to patients saying they may not have needed a stent, based on their medical
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records. >> it may take 101 different jury trials. but if that's what it takes to get each one of these patients justice, then that's what we'll do. >> reporter: from the start of the u.s. attorney general's inquiry, st. joseph made it clear that it would cooperate. this reflects our mission and values. >> reporter: dr. midee cofounded mid-atlantic cardiovascular associates, before leaving to work full time at st. joseph's. his privileges for practicing at st. joseph's have since been revoked. >> just talked to the attorney who brokered that deal. >> reporter: this settlement means that st. joseph's medical center will pay the majority of the $22 million to the federal government for inappropriately billing the federal insurance plan. i did just speak to the u.s. attorney whose office brokered this deal. and he tells me that $22
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million is much less than what the hospital would have paid if this civil case had gone to trial. >> now, there isn't any determination of somebody's culpability in these cases. the healthcare provider pays the agreed-upon amount. and they can main thane they -- can maintain they haven't had any liability. the governor's case, we bring these only when we believe we have a tertorious case. >> reporter: while st. joseph's admits nothing, the investigation outlines what the u.s. attorney calls a secret relationship between st. joe's and mid-atlantic cardiovascular associates. that could be considered criminal, when i asked the u.s. attorney if, in fact, a criminal case could be on the horizon, he said he could not comment. reporting live from downtown, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> and of course, wjz is still following the unfolding story. we'll have the latest tonight. ticket trouble for one of the ravens' top players.
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ray rice. adam may is live to tell us, it's what rice did after he got pulled over that has some asking if he got treatment. >> reporter: here's what we know. a baltimore police officer ended up with rice's autograph. rice got a verbal warning when he got a ticket. the big question now, which came first. >> reporter: star ravens running back, ray rice, forced to defend himself against allegations of special treatment. following a message he sent to his fans on twitter. it stated, just got pulled over for my tints, shaking my head. but gave the officer an autograph for his son and he let me go. >> now he says his tweet was an error in judgment. >> i took it upon myself to offer him an autograph for his son. that was after the warning. bad decision for me wording it on twitter. >> reporter: baltimore county police tell wjz they are investigating the incident. saying rice was given a verbal warning for window tinting that
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was too dark. >> i don't want to make it seem that i'm getting any special treatment. i definitely want to make that decision. and i must get my tints fixed. because they are pretty dark. >> reporter: if you're on twitter, don't bother looking for rice's tweet. he did take it dun shortly after people began asking questions. >> and we'll let you know what baltimore county police decide, as soon as they finish their investigation. a rapist on the run tonight in anne arundel county. a laurel woman says she was raped while picking up the trash. the woman told police she was walking back to her apartment on scenic meadow drive. that's when a man jumped out of the bushes and raped her. the man ran away before police showed up. police only have a vague description of him. baltimore police say they have stopped a sophisticated growing operation. mary is in the newsroom. sounds like they caught this one just in time. >> reporter: more than 400 starter marijuana plants were hidden inside the south baltimore home.
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jesse duffy and vincent davis, both arrested on drug charges. police say they turned two houses on curtis avenue into an indoor marijuana farm. it was loaded with light fans and other tools to grow the drugs. davis allegedly told police, the operation was up and running for about a year, but they were getting ready to shut it down because of security concerns. >> reporter: both men tried to run from police. but officers quickly arrested them. a horrible case of animal abuse. a baltimore man accused of killing his pit bull. wjz live at the shelter in baltimore. derek valcourt is uncovering new details. >> reporter: and the details are not pretty. one dog was shot. another starved to death. and a warning to viewers, the images you're about to see may be disturbing. >> reporter: this siberian husky doesn't know how lucky it is, rescued from this backyard. the dog's owner, 35-year-old stanley coleman, arrested and
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charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. here's why. police say he shot his own pit bull in the back legs with his shotgun. the picture too disturbing to show unedited. >> you're not allowed to shoot your dog. that's an act of violence. and it's a scary act of violence if this is what you're resorting to. >> he said his pit bull was trying to kill the siberian husky. he hit them with a two-by four. and eventually grabbed has 12- gauge. the huskies' wounds are not consistent with the fight. >> i can't imagine shooting your dog and not coming up with a better solution to that. they say the yard was covered in feces. and the dog had no food or water. >> when the neighbors speak up.
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>> that siberian husky will stay here at the shelter until after the court case is over. then they hope to be able to adopt it out. they've also ordered an autopsy for that emaciated dog to try to figure out why exactly it died. live in south baltimore, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. coleman faces charges. horse racing in doubt now. wjz is live at pimlico race course. political reporter pat warren explains, the odds of rice racing at laurel have been revived. the partners in the track appear to have split. and that could mean a change of heart that could affect the future. the post-election was grim. >> devastation and destruction. >> reporter: trainers and owners left out in the cold.
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>> changed completely from when i was a boy. >> that's the scenario, painted by the maryland jockey club, after losing its fight for slots at laurel, to the cordish company at arundel mills. the maryland jockey club had planned to change it. and limit racing at pimlico. but one of one of the owners of the track appeared to have a change of heart. >> we're very concerned about it. there's so many jobs that depend on racing being vibrant in the state of maryland. we want to do everything we can to save every possible job we can, knowing everyone is important. >> reporter: that's good news for eddie perviva. and others who make a living at laurel. >> reporter: if we're displaced, it's unreal. there's no racing close. it's an hour and a half to anywhere. we all live here. >> we've all been doing this our entire life. this is all we know really.
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>> reporter: the governor says he's committed to keeping them there. >> i'm committed to rolling up my sleeves and sitting down with those owners and doing everything in our power to keep those racing jobs in maryland and to keep horse racing agriculture in maryland. >> the owner of m.i. development is saying the most important is to keep the tracks open and running. reporting live from pimlico. i'm pat warren. the horses continue to run through december 18th. more trouble for the woman who pulled off an elaborate cancer con. a carroll county judge sentenced dia leony today. she violated her probation, when she admitted scamming her friends and family, by pretending she had terminal cancer. she is already spending 15 years in prison for that scam. she will serve the two sentences at the same time. so it doesn't mean any extra time behind bars for her. stay away from baltimore.
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that's the surprising message from one of the country's top travel magazines. kai is in the newsroom with the reason charm city was trashed. >> baltimore ranked near the bottom of travel and leisure's list of american cities. it was slammed for hotels, nightlife, and visitor experience. and baltimore came in second to last for the friendliest in intelligence of the city. definitely a tough pill to swallow. this is the first time baltimore has been included in the rankings. denise? >> may be better that we weren't. >> the magazine polled visitors in the city. can't ask for a better day weatherwise. it is, of course, dark out there. meteorologist bob turk and bernadette woods. >> here it is. 10 after 6:00. it's back out there.
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let's take a look at radar. nothing around here at all. heading to the northeast. still have rain and shower activity. where the big storm continues to rotate, just southeast of cape cod. still have windy and rainy conditions along that region. it's slowly moving out. and what we'll be left with is some really pleasant weather for our region. bernadette has a look at what we expect tomorrow. and really for the increase several days. >> that's right. we were just on the fringes of it. and it's the really cool air that was underneath that storm itself. just out to our west, there's really warm air building. and since we're between the two, we're benefiting at least from the slightly milder air. and that's going to move in our direction over the next couple of days. temperatures, above average already, only going up from here. in addition to that, it is going to remain dry with a lot of sunshine. and we'll have that forecast coming up. right now, back inside. >> okay, bernadette. thank you. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. black friday bargains, three weeks early. the deels you'll find now at stores. and the best way to save big.
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h1n1. state health officials say it will be a threat again this flu season. i'm mary bubala. one mother has a story all of us must see. why we need to take h1n1 so seriously. i'm mike schuh. how one man's treehouse caught the attention of the county. le we'll show you live. and taking another live look outside. bob and bernadette are updating the first warning forecast to see if the fall weather sticks around this week. that's coming up. the most powerful half ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles.
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fearing up for the holiday season. weijia jiang reports retailers are optimistic about holiday season. >> reporter: it's a time to be jolly. and if that includes buying gifts, the season is here, earlier than usual. >> i can't believe how crowded it was. >> christmas started after halloween this year, instead of after thanksgiving. >> reporter: the maryland retailers association, or m.r.a., agrees, noting a fresh mindset amongst shoppers. >> they're not as anxious as they were two years ago, for example, when kind of the bottom was falling out. >> reporter: expect to see a 1% to 2% increase. stores are offering them already, not waiting for black friday. rachel egan manages crate and barrel. >> we looked at what customers could be looking for this time
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of year. >> i can budget my money better. i know what money i have to work with. >> reporter: businesses aren't just using their store fronts to promote all of their sales. this year, it's all about social networking. >> follow us, like us, and we'll let you know what is happening during that day. give you the insider tip. >> reporter: coupons are all over the net. shoppers are taking advantage. but many are still not ready to splurge. >> going to be conservative. >> absolutely. >> just too -- >> it's too much right now. >> yeah. the circumstances, the economy. still too shaky. >> reporter: shaky is better than abysmal. and retailers are just jolly the sales numbers aren't going down. >> reporter: economists also point to a rebound in the stock market and a spike in holiday hiring. a sign of a good shopping season to come. denise? >> we like optimism. thank you, week a. >> looking at a survey of state businesses and industry data to predict sales. a new wal-mart could be
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moving into the remington neighborhood soon. they unanimously approved plans to rezone automotive site. wal-mart wants to build a new site next spring. a final vote is expected next month. treehouse trouble. a family's backyard project has caught the anne arundel county officials. and they're not too impressed with the design. >> reporter: this has a nice place on the magazine. likes it, too. but when his mom susan was taken by a heart attack last year, craig was crushed. >> when she passed away, i had some extra time. and started creating. >> reporter: cannon, flag, and board at a time, he built. >> you know, we formed it around the tree. >> it's a tree fort? >> it's a tree fort. >> reporter: by working through his mom's death, his treehouse began to grow. >> kids just wanted to get bigger and higher. not sleeping at 3:00, i'd be
6:18 pm
out here with a flashlight on my head, designing, thinking and creating. >> reporter: see us? we're the two guys in red. on the third and fourth floor. >> we call today black-eyed susan, after my mom. susan fedderle. >> due to the height and size of the structure, it would be considered an accessory structure. >> can't be caller than his real house. can't be too close to the water. can't be larger than 8-by-8. >> while we simp sympathize with the homeowners and the tribute they have built to their mother and the kids, it is a public safety issue. >> reporter: he now needs to apply for the permits and be ready to take it all down. >> what do you want us to do? >> give me a couple of years, let my kids enjoy it. then i'll take it all down. >> the homeowner has responded to the county. both sides are waiting for a hearing date. >> looked like swiss family
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robinson. >> it was huge remember. >> that's a serious treehouse. >> very creative. great day to be outside today. 55 now. north and northwest winds at 9. the barometer on the way back up. we'll come back and take a look at more beautiful weather after this. dentures are softer than teeth.
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and a lot of people, when they get a denture, they think the best way to clean it is by brushing it with toothpaste. toothpaste contains abrasives that scratch dentures, leaving microscopic crevices where bacteria can grow, and bacteria can cause bad breath. the best way to go is to soak them in polident. only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. i recommend using polident and soak every day. it's the right way to go. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. the hot, dry summer, took a toll on maryland crops.
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the u.s. department of agriculture has declared much of the state a drought disaster. that could mean low-interest loans for some farmers, but not most. >> reporter: this past summer, early corn burned in the fields of much of maryland. >> corn took the hardest hit. >> heat and dry weather is sort of like a double whammy. >> reporter: producing smaller yields. the tipping point is -- >> 30% crop loss of your established county average yield. >> reporter: they found 22% met that threshold and qualified for low-interest loans. but others could offset losses enough to put loans out of reach for many. >> reporter: quality wheat this year were probably average or better. and the soybeans harvested here, there again, have been an average crop yield. >> reporter: it helps to balance out loss. >> gotta spread your risk everywhere you can. >> reporter: but those who
6:23 pm
raise lifestock may take the hardest hit. forced to buy more expensive feed this winter because not enough was harvested for the summer. alex demetrick, week eyewitness news -- wjz eyewitness news. >> harford county was the only maryland county not declared a drought disaster area. >> bob is here now with a great first warning forecast. >> and noz three rain -- there's no rain in it. but we got amazing amounts of rain after summer. and it was too much and way too late for those farmers. let's take a look at temperatures, conditions around the region. clear skies. 45 in oakland. and 46 down in pax river, with very light winds. 52 in ocean city. the dew point has some change. still pretty dry out there at 41 degrees. very light winds now, compared to earlier. 9. no winds at all, pax river. and also dead calm in hagerstown. and ocean city, only about a six-mile-an-hour wind. we had a big area of low pressure southeast of new england that gave us a breezy day yesterday. a little breeze today. but we've got all of this dry air coming down from the northwest as well.
6:24 pm
so beautiful weather. it looks like it's going to continue from here all the way out to the central rockies. just really note a cloud in sight. this area of low pressure that is causing rain and snow in the higher elevations will eventually head up to the northwest of our region. and ahead of it, mild air continues to slow into the central united states. at least for the time being, very pleasant weather will be with us, probably into early next week, before we start seeing a change. to our northeast tonight. still rain over portions of new hampshire, vermont, maine. eastern sections of new england, particularly around cape cod. still breezy and still wet in that region. for our region, high pressure over northern mississippi, alabama. moves off slowly to the east. eventually, our winds will become a little more west/southwest. by the end of the week, into the weekend, temperatures running a couple of degrees above normal. just lots of sunshine and dry conditions. northwest winds continue on the bay, about 10 to 15 knots. the bay temp, around 55 degrees. and there will continue to be a
6:25 pm
small craft advisory, tonight on the bay through tomorrow morning. for the winds beginning to die down. sunrise, 6:44. sets at 4:57. yeah, the days are getting awfully short here. tonight, then, clear skies. temperatures in the upper to low to mid-40s. then tomorrow, a day just like today. around 62. we got to 63 this afternoon. with dry conditions. plenty of sunshine all day long. our normal high tomorrow is 58. so we're running 4 to 5 degrees above normal. for the next several days. and you know that november is going to change radically, probably in the next 10 days. in fact, the long-range does call for some cold air moving into the central united states. eventually getting here probably by the end of next week. we will prepare for that. >> enjoy it while we've got it. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. missile mystery. a strange site in the skies. and the reason the pentagon is confused about this one.
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plus, unsolved murders. and it's the book everybody is talking about tonight. the questionable claims and president bush's new memoir. ,,, ♪ ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ]
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it is 6:28. 55 degrees and clear skies over
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baltimore. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. startling revelations. former president george bush opened up about tough decisions he made in the oval office, including giving the personal go ahead to waterboarding suspects. the president said his decision saved lives. former president george bush writes in his new book that he personally authorized water boarding terror suspects. he says the interrogation technique helps stop attacks in britain and america. >> i will tell you this, using those techniques saves lives. my job was to protect america. and i did. >> reporter: but he specifically wrote about protecting british targets, like london heathrow airport and the capital's banking district. the book claims 9/11 mastermind, khalid sheikh mohammed, folded after being waterboarded, giving up large amounts of information about terror plots! there is absolutely no factual
6:30 pm
basis behind this claim that torture is great. because it enabled us to stop a plot. >> this is kenary whatever at the center of london's financial district. 100,000 people work here. >> if it is true and had saved some attacks, you know, that's not a bad thing. >> the book claims waterboarding, which simulates drowning, was only used on three al qaeda suspects in the prison at guantanamo bay cuba. president obama has since banned the technique, classifying it as torture. >> all i ask is that people read the book. and if they can reach the same conclusion if they would have made the same decision i made or not. >> former president bush says he had has no regrets and would do it again. >> water boarding is banned in
6:31 pm
britain. nabbed in a terrorist sting. a man faces i judge. jessica kartalija has more on what happened. 34-year-old farooque ahmed pled guilty. he was arrested last month. police say he schemed to people he thought were terrorists. they were actually undercover agents. when agents raided his home in northern virginia, they found a pistol, a shotgun and two rifles. he requested a jury trial, now scheduled for april 11th. prosecutors believe he was influenced by radical cleric an war alalacky. clashes repeatedly about money. both sides have now managed to an agreement which is tentative on a new contract. and it does include a pay cut. mike hellgren breaks down the numbers. the relationship between baltimore's police union and
6:32 pm
city hall hasn't been pretty when it comes to money. after the union rejected direct contact negotiation, both sides went through a third party mediator, reaching a one-year, tentative agreement, officers will vote on it. the mayor. >> my hope is other city employees will get to better time. and we'll be able to look at increased compensation down the road. >> reporter: for now, though, the tent tive agreement -- tentative agreements for pay to be reduced through the end of june. but police will get five days of paid leave through 2012. there are minor changes to vacation and insurance. and officers can increase the hours they work at secondary employment, like security jobs. their overtime rates and pension calculations are unaffected. >> unlike many cities throughout the country, we were able to emerge from the deficit, without having to lay off one single police officer. >> reporter: while the union reached a deal here, its leadership had harsh words for the city, especially on pension room -- reform, which is being
6:33 pm
hashed out now. the fop lashed out on that. >> don't come to baltimore. because you have a mayor who lies and ask&a mayor -- and a mayor who doesn't care for public safety, federal. >> i think we're poised by acting responsibly on this budget to emerge better, safer and stronger. >> reporter: in baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and of course, wjz will keep you updated on air and online at on the contract votes. it has been a year. and no arrest. in a case that left one man dead and another paralyzed at a party in howard county. the shooting took place halloween night, 2009, at a party in a private home, where the general public was allowed in and charged an entry fee. two men were arrested. but charges were dropped when ballistic evidence showed their gun was not the murder weapon. the father of aaron bryce who dide, tells wjz he wants justice.
6:34 pm
>> the public should be outraged that there is a killer on the loose. and they're not close to finding out who actually did this. >> police do want information. the reward has been raced to $7500. if you haven't gotten your flu shot, now is the time. last year's h1n1 killed even healthy children. and experts are warning that no one is immune. mary joins us now, with a heartbreaking message from one mother every parent needs to hear. >> reporter: well, vic, her son seemed perfectly healthy, complaining just about a small cold. but it quickly turned deadly. >> 911. >> i started giving jalen cpr. and i had 911 on the speaker phone at the same time. >> reporter: jalen jennings died on september 20, 2009. >> jalen just basically died in my arms.
6:35 pm
i could not resuscitate him. >> reporter: the day after his funeral, doctors finally knew what killed him. >> what took jalen's life? >> h1n1. it kills. and it kills fast. this was not your normal, everyday flu. >> reporter: now, as we head into the 2010 flu season, state health officials are warning that h1n1 will be a threat again. >> this flu goes to younger people, children in particular, who have not been vaccinated. and rarely -- but significantly, can make some of those children very, very ill. >> reporter: the h1n1 flu pandemic of 2009 claimed 45 lives in maryland, including jalen and four other seemingly healthy children, like 17-year- old walter brooks and 14-year- old destiny parker. >> no child, daughter, sister, brother, grandma, grandfather, whatever, needs to lose a child. >> reporter: this flu season, maryland's medical community promises no long line, no shortages and no panic.
6:36 pm
also knew, -- new, one vaccine protects against three strains of the flu, including h1n1. >> we have a safe and effective vaccine now. that's why it's so important, particularly for children to get vaccinated, as well as for everybody in the whole community. >> reporter: jalen's death was a terrible blow for a mother who prided on always getting her children vaccinated for the flu. >> we do everything to protect our kids. >> we do. >> and the flu kills your son. >> i would never have imagined that something as simple as the flu would have taken my son away from me. >> reporter: tamara can't fathom anyone not getting the vaccine if it's available. >> there is a vaccination that will prevent someone from dying. not just getting sick, but from dying from this illness. and i'm here, and he's not. >> it f i -- if i can save another family from going through the torture that i have
6:37 pm
endured for the last year, i just would say, please vaccinate your children. >> and the cdc is out with new recommendations for flu immunizations this year. they say everyone 6 months and older should get the vaccine. vic? >> okay, mary. thank you. very touching story. the flu shot that covers you for h1n1 and other strains is now widely available. turning happy meals to healthy meals. a major change coming to some fast food chains. san francisco just banned restaurants from including toys in kids meals. the only exception, if the meals meet strict nutritional guidelines. supporters of the bans say the toys encourage children to eat the unhealthy fast food. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. how to keep your holiday meals tasty and healthy. maryland women's basketball coach, brenda frese talks about life, family and this year's team. for these stories and more,
6:38 pm
read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. and still to come. stranded at sea. the rush to help people stuck on board this luxery cruise -- luxury cruise chip. and why it won't be back on land for a while. >> and i heard the mom saying, my babies, my babies are inside. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue in this burning home. and the one common item that sparked the family tragedy. bob turk in the first warning weather center. more beautiful fall weather more beautiful fall weather chost: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee.
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mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. trying to figure out whether a missile was launched off of southern california and who might have launched it. the investigation began after the video was posted online. it appears to show a rocket or some other rocket shooting up into the sky. and leaving a large trail into the pacific ocean. stranded at sea. the rescue operation is under way to help thousands of passengers, stuck on a cruise ship, after an engine fire. the fire started 200 miles off the coast of san diego on the carnival splendor. none of the passengers or crewmembers on board were injured. the 952-foot ship has auxiliary power, hot food services, hot
6:42 pm
water, and telephones and televisions have been knocked out. five children are dead after fire tears through their florida home. neighbors in central florida heard screaming and ran use to find the house engulfed in flames. firefighters from several stations responded to the scene. the children's mother and another relative escaped through the window. but the children, ranging in ages 6 to 15 could not get out in time. neighbors describe the scene. >> it's very, very sad. becauseimented to get -- because i wanted to get the babies out. [ crying ] my kids play with their kids and it's very hard. [ crying ] >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but authorities say a space heater may be to blame. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. we'll show you how the drones that track terrorists in afghanistan are now patrolling our borders. that story and more tonight, only on the cbs evening news. thanks, katie. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall
6:43 pm
street. we'll be right back ,,,,,,
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agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. tire a clear, calm november evening. will the rest of this week be
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as nice? let's get the answer with meteorologist better than det woods and bob. >> we're going to start out the day close to 40 degrees. a lot of sunshine as we head through the day tomorrow. and we're still going up into its low 60s. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. once again, this weather will continue into the weekend and beyond. 6163. all in all, we're talking about temperatures above average, with plenty of sunshine. just maybe a few clouds by sunday night. back up into the mid-60s for the weekend. vic? >> thanks, bob. back on tv. michael j. fox. a guest on the goodwife. fox embraces his disability in the role. >> there is plenty of buzz on the set of "the good wife" as
6:47 pm
michael j. fox plays an unusual role. >> it's great that we could even get him. >> reporter: fox has a secret weapon. he suffers from a physical affliction that he's actively displaying to gain sympathy from the jury. >> i suffer from a condition total diskin easia. >> he has a condition that is not dissimilar to what i experienced, that he has no guilt or shame about using to his benefit. >> mr. canning is trying yet again to taint this jury. >> i was helping you this time. i just don't want my movements to be a distraction. >> reporter: the jury says, look at me. the more you look at me, the more you get used to it. then he makes the jury feel comfortable and overexaggerates his movements and takes all of the attention away, while we're in the middle of doing our testimony. >> reporter: in a true case of
6:48 pm
art imitating life, these sudden body movements fox is displaying are not an act. >> when we shot the scene today, where i was sitting at the table, i was very diskinnetic and was banging against the table, as i would in life. >> you've got a huge role. so he's got a lot of difficult speeches to make. and he's doing a better job than i could. >> and you can catch michael j. fox on the good wife tonight at 10:00, here on wjz, followed, of course, by eyewitness news at 11:00. and still to come. one more practice before the ravens head to atlanta for their thursday night game. the one player who could pose a problem for the baltimore defense. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
we hope the raven players haven't relaxed too much in the last 24 hours. >> let's see we talked spit and spint tinted windows. let's talk football. they had that look of a super bowl contender. but it's a franchise built on defense. but there are cracks in that foundation. the ravens' defense is not nearly as dominant as it's known to be, especially in stopping opposing runners.
6:52 pm
michael turner, seen here. small but strong. turner's 700 yards ranked near the top of the league. >> he's a great running back. he creates his own holes and he makes his own blocks and still runs the ball well. so he's a really good running back. and hopefully we can start fast. and stop him. >> they called him a burner for a reason, too. he's fast. always has been. one of the premiere in the league. >> fabian said he blocked wilson. monday night game in cincinnati had ravens fans rooting for the bengals to visit the pittsburgh steelers. it's been a rough season. steelers got tricky, building a trick lead.
6:53 pm
running in reverse. mike wallace went down. steelers built a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter. but the bengals rallied. they had a 6-point game. the bengals would get a shot to take the lead in the final minutes. pittsburgh defense. cinci's final shots. they fall short. pittsburgh and defense holds. they win 27-21. pittsburgh, 6-2. same as the ravens. bengals, 2-6. college football. auburn quarterback, cam newton, once again the target of accusations. this time, it's a charge of academic cheating. but auburn's coach calls the report, quote, pure garbage. he's been pounded by accusations, regarding his eligibility, since he left florida and transferred to auburn. in baseball news, gold
6:54 pm
glove awards were announced today, honoring the top fielders. no orioles on the list. but baltimore native mark teixeira, named the top for the fourth time. gold glove winners second base for the second time. no gold glove, but you could say giants slugger epped gar -- edgar renterria has a heart. he has called off a celebration and and requested the money to be donated to flood victims. finally, a special honor for ladies in hockey. they became the first two women inducted into the hockey hall of fame in a ceremony in toront toronto. granato is one of the founders. and she helped lead americans to goals in the '98 winter olympics. she credits her success to her
6:55 pm
upbringing, growing up with hockey-playing brothers. they used to play goalie. >> that will toughen her up. >> that will toughen her up. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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stir it's not every day that a play from a middle school is played. watch as the center hands the quarterback the ball and pretends to walk off five yard penalty yards. but then he manages to take off. today, the team's coach described how he came up with the penalty play. >> actually, i was in third grade many leagues ago. and i got hit really hard by the safety. so it wasn't as successful back then. but it remained in the back of my head. just saved it for the right time. >> but despite the buzz, the other team ended up winning the game. >> i'd loof to see their faces as they watched him walk. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00, i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter.
6:59 pm
thanks for watching wjz, >> couric: tonight, in a time of war, an army sergeant is accused of running a kill team that murdered afghan civilians just for the thrill of it. i'm katie couric. also tonight, new danger along the mexican border. american college students murdered, caught in the cross fire of the drug war. and that battle goes high tech with u.s. agents deploying the same weapons used in afghanistan plus, the doctor who's ready to die for her patients. she stood up to somali war lords and won. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. american commanders in afghanistan have repeatedly said protecting civilians is a


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